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Vein Treatments in Charleston, SC | Réforme Dermatology

Why Do People Pursue Vein Treatments?

Varicose veins and spider veins are cosmetic annoyances visible just under the surface of the skin. They can be difficult to hide, especially during the warm summer months when pants or thick makeup aren’t practical or comfortable to wear. Many people choose to have their veins treated to help rejuvenate their youthful appearance and feel more confident showing their natural skin. Also, vein treatments are quick, convenient, effective, and relatively painless. Patients can enjoy smooth, even-toned skin without sacrificing time from their busy schedules.

What Causes Veins to Become Noticeable?

Prominent veins are typically damaged. They become noticeable when tiny, one-way valves inside the veins become weak. In healthy veins, these valves circulate the blood back to the heart, but when valves weaken, blood flows backward and accumulates in the vein. With nowhere to go, the extra blood builds pressure on the walls of the vein, causing it to weaken and bulge.

Common causes of weakened valves in the vein include:

Alcohol can exacerbate the appearance of already visible veins by increasing your heart pulse rate and your rate of blood flow which puts a greater strain on vessels putting more pressure on your veins. Nicotine use can also damage vein walls, causing veins to dilate and become more prominent.

Gravity draws blood to the leg veins. If you have a job that involves sitting or standing for long periods of time, the blood pressure in the veins further constricts, causing the veins to stand out.

Those with a fair complexion are more likely to notice veins as there is not as much melanin to hide them.

For many individuals, prominent veins run in the family. If a parent or grandparent has a history of visible veins, there’s a significant chance that you will be affected as well.

Shifts in hormonal balance due to pregnancy, menopause, menstruation, birth control, or puberty can also make your veins more noticeable. 

During pregnancy, the increase in blood flow causes an increased amount of pressure on the veins in the legs, thighs, and buttocks.

Alcohol can exacerbate the appearance of already visible veins by increasing your heart rate and your rate of blood flow which puts a greater strain on vessels. Nicotine use can also damage vein walls, causing veins to dilate and become more prominent.

As we age, skin’s collagen production naturally reduces, causing the skin to become more transparent and fragile. Due to these changes, veins become easy to see.

What Are the Different Types of Veins?

The two most common veins we treat at Réforme Dermatology include spider veins and varicose veins. Spider veins commonly appear on the legs, but they can also be present on the face. Varicose veins are mainly isolated to the legs.

What Are Spider Veins?

Spider veins, or telangiectasias, are dilated vessels that sit just below the skin’s surface. They are mainly found on the cheeks, nose, chin, and legs. They often appear as thin, red, web-like patterns of blood vessels. Some medical conditions, such as rosacea, cause spider veins, but they are also common with age. Typically, spider veins are harmless and frequently present as a cosmetic concern.

What Are Varicose Veins?

Varicose veins are enlarged blood vessels that have weakened or damaged vein walls. Every vein in the body is intricately designed with a valve that helps pump the blood through the system and prevents blood from flowing backward and pooling in the veins. Varicose veins are the results of damaged valves that are no longer capable of circulating the blood back to the heart, and allow the blood to gather in the veins.

How Are Visible Veins Treated?


The most common treatment for veins is sclerotherapy. During sclerotherapy treatment, your dermatologist will inject a prescription chemical into the spider or varicose veins that stimulates the wall of the vein to collapse and seal off. Over the course of a few weeks, the treated vein will slowly disappear back into your skin. More prominent veins may require more than one treatment.

What to Expect During a Sclerotherapy Treatment?

  • First, your dermatologist will locate the offending veins and mark them with a surgical marker.
  • Your dermatologist will inject the prescription medication using an ultra-fine needle into different areas of the vein. The medication will irritate the vein walls, causing them to collapse. 
  • A pressure wrap may be placed on the treated leg.
  • After a short observation time, your dermatologist will review any recovery instructions, then send you home.
  • To help prevent possible side effects and assure effectiveness, light daily walks and the use of compression socks as directed are recommended. Most patients can return to work and most activities the following day. 

How Long Does It Take for Veins to Disappear?

Spider veins will usually disappear three to six weeks after treatment. Varicose veins may require multiple treatments to achieve ideal results.

Is a Physical Exam Necessary Before Treatment?

Your dermatologist will conduct a physical exam before treating veins as a way to determine if vein treatment is a safe and effective option for you. During a physical exam, your dermatologist will assess the veins on your face, legs, or both and discuss your medical history. After reviewing all the information, your dermatologist will help you determine if vein treatment is the right decision for you and which treatment will be most effective. 

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Why Choose Réforme Dermatologist for Your Vein Treatment?

Skill is the key to success. With something as delicate and intricate as veins, the results largely depend on the person performing the vein treatment. As board-certified dermatologists are responsible for many of the advancements that provide us with safe, less invasive treatments for veins, they are the ideal candidates for performing these treatments.

Dr. Gabriella Vasile is a double board-certified dermatologist and Mohs surgeon as well as the founder of Réforme Dermatology. Her impressive credentials, training, and research have equipped her in her mission to provide a new dermatological experience to her patients in the greater Charleston area. Dr. Vasile offers patients a variety of medical and aesthetic dermatology services that focus on regenerative and preventative treatments personally tailored to her patients’ needs and lives.

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